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About me

Thirty years ago, when taking part in a teachers' continuing education program in art integration, an unfamiliar man enters to teach a basketry workshop class.
It was a turning point, I haven't stopped weaving ever since then.....

The teacher was Herzl Uster - the "guru" of basket makers in Israel, who taught me the basics of basket weaving.

Those basics are the foundations on which my work stands, and keeps changing and improving, by innumerable continuing courses here and abroad. I use a many methods: Frame baskets, Catalan weaving, Burkina Faso weaving, Twining, Sculpture basketry, French style, English weaving and more.

The materials I use are mostly natural materials: Willow, Buckthorn, Olive branches and Rattan but mostly I use Palm branches and stems.
In addition I make baskets that use recycled materials like wheels, tubes, coils, wires etc.

I regularly participate in exhibitions and shows here and abroad. Once a year I organize a course with Eva Seidenfaden, I initiate and organize the Israeli Basketry Festival on Shavuot every year and participate in Vallabregues Weaving Festival (Provence, France) and in other places.

I live in Bethlehem Haglilit (of Galilee), a beautiful small village. Here I raised my son and my two daughters (and I am already a grandmother to five grandchildren) and here I create.

Creation of big Sculpture Basket

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